Sertum wants to contribute to sustainable development by promoting creative dialogue between people.

In 2021 the UN included creativity and culture among the determining factors for sustainable development globally, as facilitators of dialogue and fertile grounds fro innovation and inclusive and sustainable growth.

Sertum, by favoring the connection between people and the creation of new experiences, proposes itself as an enabler and promoter of these factors.

Our values of sharing, creativity, innovation and uniqueness of each individual are based on ethical, moral and sustainable factors that guide us to achieve our business goals.

  • For our backpack, for example:

    We have chosen high quality and resistant materals that allow use for a very long time and, if maintained with care, even for a lifetime.

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  • We have optimized processing and consumption of materials to avoid wasting energy, scraps and waste.

    We operate in an artisanal way, the product is born from an entirely manual and expert work. This allows a constant alignment between who design and who manufacture, to feed a virtuous cycle with the previous points.

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